Qustodio Review 2020: Is it the Best Parental Control Tool?

In this Qustodio review, you will find out all the features of this parental control software. Find out its pricing and know if it’s worth buying.

In a world like today, where information, both good and bad is available for access to everyone, it becomes a nightmare for parents not to be able to control what their children are exposed to; And here an app like Qustodio comes in handy. It is quite natural for a parent to be paranoid in today’s age because of the accessibility of information out there, just one click away. 

It is very easy to fall prey to any false and incorrect information; and more than anything, it is the adult sites that scare the parents the most. Qustodio is an app built exclusively for parents to have control over their children’s screens and what is safe for them. It has become quite essential today as crime rates against minors have increased rapidly.

They have the most gullible minds. Especially in their formative years, it is essential to filter and form their thought process as this is what goes on to become a base for their future thoughts.

Qustodio Review

Qustodio is a parental security app. It helps parents to control what their kids should have access to, on the internet. Not only that, but it also regulates their screen time. By kids, it is understood that they are those who are minors; have not turned 18 yet; 17 years and below.

Parents are known to be the best judge of what is appropriate for their children, and that is what Qustodio helps them in. It helps them in controlling the content that their kids might have access to once they have an internet connection.  

Among several features that this app has, the screen time controlling and blocking inappropriate contents are the most essential. Along with it, parents can also monitor their kids’ social networking sites. Most importantly, parents will have access to knowing where their children are. 

This especially helps in case there is an emergency. The parent will be able to track their child’s location. All these advantages will be available on Qustodio, which works on all smartphones, including Android, iOS, MAC, Windows and Kindle.

Qustodio Pricing

The price range varies, depending on the number of screens it is shared between. For a 5-screen sharing small plan, the price is Rs. 2070/per year.

For a medium plan, ten devices can be shared, the prices of which are Rs — 3580/per year.

And finally, for a large plan, 15 devices can be shared, and the price for it is Rs. 5150/per year.

Features of Qustodio

  • It is an answer to every parents’ nightmare of exposing to all the negativity in the world.
  • The prices are reasonable as any parent would find it worth the cost in return for their kids’ security on the internet.
  • Qustodio has Smart Web Filters that automatically filters out harmful contents for children, for example, porn sites, dangerous games like Blue Whale. 
  • It can be accessed across multi-devices. There are plans on its pricing section where the screens can be shared from 5 to 15 devices according to the price you pay.
  • There is an Advanced Facebook Monitoring feature on this app. This may automatically restrict your screen time and paedophile friend requests.
  • Another feature is Games & Apps Blocking that restricts your kids’ screen time, even in your physical absence.
  • The time Controlling feature by this app will help you allow set an exact time when your kids will have access to the screens and till what time.
  • The location Tracking feature is a boon to several parents because it gives them a good sense of the idea of where their kids are, at all times.
  • Panic Button Alerts on this app helps alert parents in case there is a mishap with their children.
  • The Calls & SMS monitoring app lets the parents know about the calls and messages exchanged from their children’s’ phones.
  • Call Blocking allows parents to block numbers from this app to their kids’ phones of those whom they find harmful.
  • Priority Support is on point along with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case parents feel unsatisfied with this app.


  • Some people would find this a breach of privacy; however, no parent would ever want anything wrong for their children during their gullible mindset age.

Is it Worth Buying Qustodio?

Children today have phones, laptops, computers, iPad and what not. And they need to know how to use them since a young age in this technology-driven world. Technology has given us several perks, but their disadvantages cannot be denied. 

It hasn’t been a long time since we heard that because of games like Blue Whale, children end up taking their own lives. Children’s minds can be persuaded easily. Hence, parents need to have a piece of knowledge about what they are seeing. Apps like Qustodio makes sense in today’s times and is undoubtedly a boon to all the concerned parents out there. 

We will strongly recommend you to Buy Qustodio.

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