Mobicip Review 2020: Is it the Best Parental Control Tool?

Do you trust your kids to responsibly use the internet without any restriction? Most of the people might nod their heads in a negative direction, and for those people, parental control software programs are the perfect solution. If you are searching for a complete Mobicip review, then you are on the ideal webpage. 

Mobicip is a robust parental control & internet filtering program for smartphones & desktops. In this blog post, we have precisely reported everything about Mobicip and also answered other relevant queries. 

Mobicip Review

Mobicip is a cloud-based parental control & internet-filtering service for smart devices & desktops. It is compatible with almost all the major operating systems, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows & Chromebook. Like most of the premium parental control services, Mobicip is a premium (paid) program and offers a 7-day free trial to all new users. 

I have been using Mobicip for a couple of weeks now and hence, sharing this report based on my experience. 

Features of Mobicip

As per the records, Mobicip was launched as a browser, and later it turned into a parental control program. It aims to filter out the bad stuff from the internet and deliver quality internet surfing to the students. We have mentioned some astounding & exciting features of Mobicip below-

1. Interface & Setup

I have used many parental control programs, and unlike those, setting up Mobic is super simple. Mobicip offers a single app where you can sign in as an admin and scan QR from all the other child devices. 

Apart from the setup, the interface features all the connected devices, and the admin can filter the internet from the dashboard only.

2. Advanced Filtering

Mobicip’s advanced internet filtering claims to create a safe environment for kids surfing the internet. It auto-scans the internet and blocks all the inappropriate content from all the pages. 

Besides, you can specifically revise the content available on the internet and block specific apps, sites, or illegal content.

3. GPS Tracker

Mobicip enables you to track all the child devices any time you want. Unlike the in-built trackers, it is more precise and is useful to the people who lose their smartphones often.

4. More than filtering

Mobicip proffers more than internet filtering & monitoring devices. After connecting any device, the admin gets all the control and can even limit the screen time of any device. Also, the admin can restrict app installs specifically and gain overall control over the child devices.

5. Request Access

To enhance the user experience for all, Mobicip allows the child devices to request access to any blocked site or app. The admin will receive requests in real-time and can accept or reject without any hassles.

These were some fantastic offerings of Mobicip, and there is a lot more, for instance, intuitive dashboard, smooth working application & other features.

Mobicip Pricing

There is not much difference in Mobicip’s pricing and the other leading parental control programs in the market. Mobicip provides users with annual plans with flexibility in terms of a number of devices. As of now, it features 3 plans, and the starting plan serves 5 devices (max) that costs $34.99/year.

If you want to protect more devices, then you may opt for a Medium plan (10 devices) OR Large plan (15 devices.) Mobicip’s Medium plan is more economical compared to the other two and costs $60/year. Besides, if you require Mobicip for your organization or school, then you can subscribe to the Large plan or simply customize your plan by contacting them.

Considering all the plans, Mobicip provides users with affordable & flexible plans. For the people who are not sure about their purchase, Mobicip offers a 7-day free trial to all its new users. You can opt for the free trial simply by clicking here

Is it Worth to Buy Mobicip?

Mobicip does not lack any feature required by any parental control program user. Contrary to that, it offers precise blocking of sites & apps and real time tracking of child devices. Apart from our personal experience, Mobicip has received pretty enchanting & positive reviews. 

There are so many other internet filtering programs that lack so many features and ask hundreds of dollars. Compared to other leading parental control programs like Net Nanny, Mobicip offers more affordable & economic plans. 

If you are looking for a reliable & affordable parental control software, then Mobicip is undoubtedly the best pick to cease your search.

Final Words

To increase work productivity & focus, many professional organizations are making parental control programs mandatory. The Internet is surely a dynamic place, and you never know which link might take you to an illegal page. Mobicip aims to filter out the illegal content automatically and block inappropriate pages for all the protected devices. 

I believe that all your queries & doubts relevant to Mobicip parental control software are satisfied. If you have any suggestions to enhance this review and help other readers, then comment below. 

Besides, share this article with your mates and help them learn more about parental control programs.

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