Kaspersky Safe Kids Review 2020: Features & Pricing

The Internet is no doubt a volatile place, and hence, we all should be careful while descending to our kids. To make the internet a better & safe place, people are aggressively opting for parental control & monitoring programs. We’ll drop a straight & precise Kaspersky Safe Kids review and enlighten you with all the relevant information regarding it.

Kaspersky is a multinational company & antivirus provider that aims to satisfy all the cybersecurity requirements. Apart from antivirus & other security programs, Kaspersky also offers a parental control program called Kaspersky Safe Kids. 

Let us not waste our time in introducing the protagonist and move further to the review of Kaspersky safe kids.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Review

Unlike most of the parental control programs, Kaspersky Safe Kids provides users with more precise controlling & monitoring. 

Kaspersky provides all the necessary features and works on all major devices that include Windows PC, macOS & smartphones. Besides, it is considered as one of the cheapest parental control software available in the market. 


As the name suggests, Kaspersky Safe Kids is developed to make the internet a safer place for the kids. To summarize the offerings, we have comprehensively described all the features of Kaspersky Safe Kids. 

1. Free Plan

Apart from the free trial, Kaspersky Safe Kids provides users with a free plan that offers premium features. You get premium functions like online filtering, screen time management & YouTube filtering. 

Although the premium (paid) version proffers a lot more precise control, the free plan satisfies the basic parental controlling requirements.

2. Easy Setup

Setting up Safe Kids is pretty easy for anyone with basic knowledge of the configuration of a program. Besides, it has a precise installation guide for all different operating systems.

If you have any issues regarding the installation, then you can visit the Kaspersky Safe Kids support or click here.

3. Precise Safe Search

Kaspersky Safe Kids not only filters browser surfing but also blocks inappropriate content on YouTube. It auto-blocks all the results that contain harmful or ill-suited videos from YouTube. 

Besides, it specifically filters out illegal web pages or pornography from the browser results. It is one of the best parental control programs that serve basic filtering for absolutely free of charge.

4. Child Locator

Kaspersky Safe Kids also provides a GPS tracker and allows you to monitor the location of all the child devices. We admit that location tracking is not accurate, but it works. 

To deliver a more satisfying service, Safe Kids enables the admin (parent) to mark a particular area safe for the child devices (kids) to stay in. Child Locator

5. Battery Alert

Most of the time, children forget to charge-up their phones, and hence, they lose touch with their parents. Kaspersky brings a useful feature that notifies the parent about the battery level of the child devices. 

It is certainly a useful feature for the people who travel a lot and forget charging their smartphones.

Other Features Of Kaspersky Safe Kids

Apart from the aforementioned features, Kaspersky Safe Kids enables you to get notified in real-time about the inappropriate searches done by child devices. Social platforms are the whole of someone’s life, and hence, tracking social media from Kaspersky will help you know the hidden interests of your child. 

With the premium version, you can schedule screen time and improve the routine of your kids and increase productivity. Last but not least, Kaspersky Safe Kids allows the admin to monitor & control the usage of the app of the child devices.

Pricing of Kaspersky Safe Kids Software

Kaspersky Safe Kids is no doubt value for money parental control service that provides users with some useful features. Unlike most of the parental monitoring programs, Kaspersky offers basic monitoring & filtering features for absolutely free. Yes, the free plan provides users with online filtering, app controlling, safe search YouTube, screen time management. 

If you require precise controlling and monitoring, then you can subscribe to the premium plan that costs $15/year. With the paid version of Safe Kids, you get to enjoy all the perks mentioned above. 

Considering the features & accuracy, Kaspersky Safe Kids is a robust & affordable parent controlling & monitoring program. 

Should I Buy Kaspersky Safe Kids?

There is an enormous pool of monitoring & controlling in the market, and considering their pricing, Safe Kids is a more economical option. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids provides users with all the necessary features required in parental control software. It offers parental control to Windows, macOS & Android, but unfortunately, there is no admin app for iOS. In addition, it only monitors call-text records of Android OS.

Kaspersky Safe Kids do not restrict any limit on the protection of devices. Users can connect an unlimited number of devices without any charge— this makes it a fantastic parental control program. If you are looking for an affordable & reliable monitoring & controlling program, then Kaspersky Safe Kids is perfect for you.

Final Words

I hope that all your queries regarding Kaspersky Safe Kids are sorted & satisfied. We did in-depth research & personally examined the program before reporting the fact in this Kaspersky Safe Kids review. 

Kaspersky is a well-known & genuine cybersecurity company that produces reliable security products. I have mentioned all the necessary information that one should know before purchasing Safe Kids. Besides, if you have any suggestions or doubts, then comment below, and we’ll respond to it shortly. Also, share your experience with Kaspersky Safe Kids and help other visitors.

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